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from the republican nominee, but i think in new mexico and michigan he is taking votes away from obama. if you could give me some insight into what you think will happen there. guest: that is a good question because we tend to oversimplified about independent and third-party candidates. we need to remember first of all some people turn out to vote for them that would not make a choice between the two major party candidates. maybe they would show up and vote for a member of congress or the local sheriff, i don't know. but it is not as though all of those votes are taken from a major party candidate. that is simply not true. having said that, it is true some votes are taken from major party candidates. if you only have a choice of a democrat or republican, some would make a choice. libertarians in general take a few more votes from republicans than democrats. maybe more than a few votes. it depends on the state and the race and the circumstances. gary johnson, i think, will take more votes from mitt romney than barack obama but i do not think it will make a difference in any state unless
is. what i want to do is make sure that everybody who agrees with us votes. >> key part of the obama campaign strategy is early voting which could be effected in coastal battlegrounds. today, the virginia state board of elections urged localities to keep moving forward with in-person absentee voting unless the storm makes it unsafe. >> i am not worried at this point about the impact on the election. worry about the impact on families and the impact on our first responders. i'm worried about the impact on the economy. >> it could delay friday's release of new jobs report just four days before the election. >> labor department official later said it's our intention that friday will be busy as usual. regarding the october employment report. notice wiggle room with the "intention." unclear if they will open in a few days or all week closed. unclear. but any delay in jobs report close to the election would cause an uproar. >> ed henry live at the white house. thank you. romney campaign is like much of the east. hunkering down politically tonight. riding out the storm. two political corres
, the reason he has voted for barack obama is because of the color of his skin, that they're both black men. >> right. look, there's no wriggle room whatsoever. it's extremely offensive and this is the kind of just patent disrespect the president's had to endure a lot, to think that somebody with colin powell's depth of experience, with his wisdom and with his intellect is going to support somebody just because of the color of their skin is ridiculous, it's offensive and is in many ways just despicable but the reality is, what i feel very strongly about, is i would much rather look at just 11 days left in this election, and as much as i think mitt romney should distance himself from him, he should be very clear -- >> what should he do, mitt romney? people are saying you got to get after this guy, got to close this down, because otherwise you could have the last two weeks of the election campaign dominated by a race card, last thing they all want. >> right. again, i think mitt romney should be stepping up on this issue and frankly, what i'm even more shocked on is you have a united states se
voting for obama to having sex. remember how artists were supposed to speak truth to power, now they just want to make out it with. propagandist willing to turn blind eye to anything. as always, kids become part of the brainwash. [ singing ] >> ♪ the future ♪ american through an throug through ♪ ♪ what happens to our country ♪ ♪ we're tire of blaming you ♪ we haven't killed all the forest ♪ ♪ but not for lack of trying ♪ the earth is crass ♪ burned ♪ and the atmosphere is frying ♪ >> greg: how lovely, a hymn to the dear leader. why not? he's copying the north korea economy. go all the way. only the left who excels at the group think kid indoctrination stuff. enough with the wisdom of the children. children make noise, not policy. they steal change from your pants. you can't form an army without a uniform. hence urban outfitters new shirt. rebillion these days is consider uncool by the left. if james dean were alive today he would vote for romney and trash urban outfitters. it's not hip to force kids to recite a bitter belief. that is not cool. that's koresch, op
electoral votes. obama won by 10 percentage points. unemployment is mirroring what we have nationwide, 8.2%. neighboring ohio is getting an awful lot of attention with their 18 electoral votes. what is so different between ohio and pennsylvania that makes ohio more of a battleground than pennsylvania at the moment? guest: the essential differences ohio has a good many more moderate independent voters at this point which are likely to either vote republican or democrat. as i pointed out a moment ago, the recent democrats have done well is because they have captured the suburbs in our state in the recent presidential elections which has been the defining difference. in the middle of ohio and columbus, that is a battleground. there, obviously with cleveland, but in the northeastern part of the state being democratic and cincinnati and out west be more republican. ohio just has a larger pool of these swing voters, if you will, and are more evenly balanced between the democratic and republican regions of the state. pennsylvania has a huge portion of moderate independent-minded voters and they
johnson's it support for marijuana legalization could cost president obama votes. others say they tend to pull unaffiliated voters that could go republican, so he is one to watch to see what kind of vote totals he will get. the biggest third-party candidate in colorado history was ross perot who pulled in, i think, 23% of the vote. host: curtis hubbard, what will you be watching for on election night? guest: the suburban counties around denver. you will hear a lot of talk about arapaho and jefferson counties in terms of which ever candid it will win those counties. they will have a much easier path to running the state of colorado. i will be looking closely at the number of republican votes coming in from el paso county, douglas county, mesa county. another swing county is a clear emmer, northern colorado, fort collins, colorado state university -- another county is larrimer. we are going to see if they get the numbers the way they want to. they will pay considerable attention to the southwest corner of the state. durango, ft. lewis, so we will see how they are doing in that corner of
strategist and cathy republican strat yist and author of 52 reasons not to vote for obama. christie, starting with you, it is obvious that early voting favors democrats in a big way and today the governor cancelled early voting and don't be surprised if it happens again tomorrow. >> it is not helpful to our side. but the ramification. storm impact will not only be felt today or this week but through election day as well we don't know all of the chaos that will ensue. it will affect both people who can't get to the polls polling places and voters that don't have power. we don't know who is really going to be hurt by it. >> steve: no matter means no tv ads and for poem who vote both campaigns are trying to get their message out in the week or so. no one will so that? >> in theory that hurts president obama's opportunities but where he has an opportunity to look presidential and there is it a natural disaster. and difficult for romny to grab air time. newspaper and radios and they will get some levels of publicication but it is an tount for the president>> steve: we saw the president at fema yes
not yet voted, i want you to go vote. vote. vote. vote. vote. >> so did you get the message obama supporters some vote, vote, vote, early, early, early. it is a message directed specifically at the base. and to drive the point home about early voting, president obama went home to cast his vote this past thursday in chicago. this is the first time a sitting president has voted early. and the campaign also circulated a photo of first lady michelle obama showing off her prepared absentee ballot. now, they have it up on their website, too, in case you haven't had any campaign ads to remind you. i figured, hell, if they're voting early, i might as well join the party. so i voted earlier this week. while that message may have been pretty clear, the obama campaign has had a few mixed messages. their daily e-mails have ranged from the race is close giving voters a sense that they might lose at any point to them having a bit of swagger. we got this. now, mitt romney on the other hand has chosen to go full tilt with his swagger. i can't even believe i just said romney and swagger in the sam
concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time but we just can't afford four more years.ney and i approve this message. >> the impact of sandy is still being felt in our area. >> there is a handful of outages but it is frustrating for one family. this is like deja vu. >> a repeat of what these folks saw a couple of months ago when the strong storms came through. the men in power has been here all day hoping to restore tonight. they're telling us that 300 customers were left without power. >> this is the master bedroom. >> he took us inside his alexandria home to show us what was left of his bedroom. had he stayed, he probably would have been crushed by the tree that crashed into his bedroom. >> we're devastated. i had no clue it would be the severe. >> we talk to him today as he secures his home. this is costing him thousands of dollars. >> is doing what he is supposed to when it comes to the insurance process. >> you have to keep their receipts because it will be reimbursed. >> in addition to keeping receipts, take pictures of the dama
what, obama's margn was 262,000 in no way, mot of it fueled by a huge turnout in early voting, and that he lost th election day voting to maake romney. so this is not a good sign commend i have been watching this trend for a week. the margins are getting bigger. on tuesday it was 150 some odd thousand. now it is larger than what obama won the state by a in 2008. this is a bad sign for president obama, and we see it reflected in the polls as well. if you take a look, allup says 15 percent of the people had voted early. they were breaking for romney by 52-46. this week to reports 19 percent of those surveyed said they had voted. a break for romney by 50-43. obama won the early vote last time around, according to puke, by 19 points or was winning at this point by 19 pois and now he's losing it by sven. that is more than enough to flip the election. lou: two things, if we can g back to your board, immediately apparent command one is that there is a 5-4 margin if i read correctly, democrats over republicans in the early vote in 2008 that ratio was over two times -- two times. >> a
. >> blacks can gain success and prosperity by voting out obama and the democrats and voting in the republican. >> cenk: i just don't think that's going to work. then later should we start thinking about floodgates? is climate change so serious we should design around it. >> a harbor pivoting up when needed to block the one time it's okay for you to miss my show is if that's the only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart. osaka,{^l"^^}-for-tore. >> cenk: a new super pac has convinced that they have a new way to get african-americans to vote for republicans. >> i have a major revelation for black americans. it is a big lie that democrats are for black americans and republicans are against black americans. abraham lincoln who freed the slaves was a republican. republicans founded the naacp. republicans passed the civil rights
clinton or barack obama. they may have voted for then candidate obama in the final election, and you need to convince them to vote for paul ryan and me. >> there's a real good feeling throughout this thing. these old buckeyes kind of see it clear. no, i really mean it. they can cut through a lot of this stuff. >> let's bring in john feary and david goodfriend. good to see you, gentlemen. good morning. david, let me ask you about mitt romney as appeal to hillary clinton veeters. could he pick off moderate democrats? >> no. in order to be a hillary clinton voter you see the world a lot differently than mitt romney says he does. i think the divisiveness the romney campaign has shown economically and frankly when it comes to women's issues, it's going to drive people back into the obama camp. it's an interesting thing, because he may very well have had a shot at some of the moderate democratic voters in ohio, but i think his campaign has stumbled in that it never shown itself to be an open, big tent for moderates. it's still very conservative, severely conservative as mitt romney might say, a
. there's--we've surpassed the 2008 number for early voting and obama is taking that at about 60%-30%. that's coming online. the weather has been bad. it's been cold and rainy. it's supposed to be nice starting friday, saturday, sunday, in which that will be solid for us to be able to get out the early vote the weekend before the election. but it's going to be close cenk. i mean, this is going to come down to the ryan. we're going to need people who will go out continue to volunteer and make sure that our voters get to the ballot box and that's how we're going to win. it will be a ground game. it will be grinding it out and it will be close right down to the wire. >> cenk: congressman ryan, i want to ask you about that ground game in a second. stay with us. michael, let me quickly ask about early voting that congressman ryan mentioned there. how much difference does it make that president obama has the lead. >> it's a significant lead. they measure it by party not valley vote because they're not in there counting the ballots. it's also a more popular thing to be doing. more democ
. >> the hurricane damage won't affect the electoral vote but it will take some electorals from barack obama. >> it could drive up the popular vote. >> i would say a popular vote split remains small. i must say on the point that amy raised about bipartisan in the promise of bringing the two sides together, that has got to be the one promise that has so thoroughly been proven empty for two presidencies in a row. remember george w. bush was a uniter not a divider. we saw what happened there. and barack obama comes in with the same kind of promise and the political sciences say george bush was the most polarized presidency. it's a condition of life and what obama's hoping is that republicans if he's re-elected sort of collapse a little bit in exhaustion and work with him in a short period of time. >> and regardless if it's a popular electoral split, it's going to be close. almost 50% of the country will feel disenchanted with whoever is elected. and the fault lines will be quite amazing. >> let's talk about where we were last week. it felt like there was momentum in mitt romney's direction. whe
is a lot for obama -- is a lock for obama. nobody thinks it's going to vote for mitt romney and nowhere in this conversation he said the president has been outstanding. i talked to him three times. he is gushing over his admiration and i'm sure mitt romney would do the same thing. mitt romney is nowhere near mentioned in this whole thing. and so it allows the president to stand next to a republican and evoke bipartisanship and saying that the president rises to the occasion and chris christie looks like a cheerleader. >> cover that state house in trenton years ago. i can tell you if you a republican you better get along with democrats because there are plenty of them. fox 5 political analyst, we thank you. >>> the president gets back into it full swing tomorrow and heads back on the campaign trails for the remainder of the campaign. >> two and a half hours where the polls close at early voting. here is bowie public library. how is it going? >> people are motivated to vote. the line has been long outside this building since the library opened its doors at 8:00 this morning. you see over
or i'm kneecapping you. [ laughter ] >> i'm calling it like i see it. 294 votes for obama. >> jennifer: 294 for obama. he takes it. >> i'm going to be conservative which i'm never accused of being and i'm going to do 281. >> jennifer: just make sure i know who your candidate is. >> obama. >> jennifer: joe? >> if in good at predictions, i would be in vegas. [ laughter ] >> jennifer: well, i think -- i'm going to go with karen. i agree. i was going to say 277 or above. but actually, i think it will be closer to 300. i really do. david merman, karen joe thanks. if you want to get our youth out to vote, you have to speak to their issues. few do that better current tv encourages you to vote on november 6th but just as importantly to take the time to learn about each candidate's stance on the issues that matter to you. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an informed electorate. >> jennifer: you're back inside "the war room." i'
the vote in particular. that's why you're seeing david axelrod making a bet that if president obama does not win michigan and minnesota and pennsylvania, he will shave off his big famous mustache. he's betting his face. that's how confident he is. because this is the time in the campaign when you're supposed to project confidence. on the republican side, it's been a little more complicated. after a bad week of polling for mitt romney, top staffers held a conference call with reporters in which they enumerated all their reasons why they see mitt romney as a shoo-in to beat the president on tuesday despite all the latest battleground state polling. they suggested that their secret sauce that is more important than the polling is that mr. romney is winning independents. so there. romney has this thing in the bag. karl rove who is running the biggest dark money operation for the republicans this year, and therefore is as influential as ever, mr. rove took to "the wall street journal" this week to patiently explain to all these people who don't understand that these numbers that look so bad f
his tax is does bother me. host: you are going to vote for president obama? why so? caller: i do think he has tried very hard. i used to work in the health field. and i know how much people are so worried about government covering their health-care costs. i am on medicare now, certainly the government takes my. when i was working, you have no idea how many times, because i was the person who put the insurance payments into the computer when i came to the hospital, and you have no idea how the insurance companies to turn down a thing this. host: even though they make their comments known about the presidential race, we are focusing on cost and said races in your state. a couple of stories, at this one out of new york when it comes to hurricane sandy, federal money do not up to states and hurricane aftermath, the first trickle of federal funds start to go out. 29 million to rebuild highways. $30 million to hire temporary workers to help with the cleanup. it is certainly to the multibillion dollar bill for the government. the federal office has 7.5 billion to spend. an additional 5 billio
. >> makes it very narrow for mitt romney. if president obama wins ohio he's at 261 electoral votes based on our battleground map. if mitt romney gets virginia and florida he's stuck to 248. new hampshire where he owns a home but the president probably a finger on the scale now we're at 261-261 and we've been talking all along about the midwest and importance of ohio, wisconsin and iowa and the necessity for mitt romney to win two of those three. look at that right there. you got those 16 electoral votes between those two and if somehow mitt romney or barack obama were to pick up wisconsin, boom you've got president obama at 271 and even if mitt romney were to get iowa he's only at 267, craig the importance of the industrial midwest. >> all right. you mentioned florida. let's dig a little bit deep near to florida. based on that poll neck and neck race. if president obama, if he does not win florida what does that mean for his path to victory? >> of course the president still can win even if mitt romney were to win florida and virginia and again it all comes down to ohio. because like we j
? barack obama and joe biden, or mitt romney and paul ryan? or will it be a tie? 269 electrical votes, to 269 electoral votes. pat buchanan? >> the heart says romney/ryan, and head says too close to call, but i'm going to predict that romney/ryan will win all the 11 states of the old con fed racy, and barely win ohio and colorado, and he'll win with just over 270 electoral votes. >> obama biden will win with over 300 electoral votes, it will be a democratic senate, warren will win in massachusetts, and democrats will have 54 seats in the senate. >> i have to say i think this country really needs a change in leadership, given what's happened in the last four years, but i believe that owe -- obama will be reelected, it will be a close race, and ohio will make the difference, if romney carries ohio -- >> quickly -- >> close, i give obama the edge. i'm going to say 260. win withy and ryan will wi280 electoral votes. bye bye!
. >> but isn't it better than nothing? >> look, if i lived in a swing state i would vote for obama no doubt about it. romney scares me. he wants to give wall street a bank check. he is a greater evil. >> eliot: you were clear you said he's the lesser of two evils. >> obama. >> eliot: yes. you did not describe him in the affirmative vote. >> you know this better than i do. when you put lawrence sumners in and timothy geithner, you are clear about it. i would have voted for you. that's why i came on this show. seriously, you had the right mentionmessage. i'm not trying to flatter you. and i thought obama in that speech he gave when running against hillary he nailed it. wall street gave him all that money. now wall street has betrayed him they think the best defense and offense and they're going to play him now. >> eliot: i thought wall street was smart enough to understand that he used rhetoric that was edgy but did nothing that would hurt them. but they seem to be soaked in rhetoric that even pinks them, and now we're not with you. >> they're shameful. >> eliot: before we spend too much time
-american vote will go to obama and 80% of the women's vote will go for obama, and the other vote, even if you are nice about it and give romney 50% of the vote, how can he be so close to the polls? guest: well, each poll is different. referencing real clear politics, a web site that pretty good as far as trying to bring polls together, there's a question as to how accurate it is these days with one third of households not having a home phone anymore. but you charitable trust did a study recently that indicated 9% of people that they're reaching out to are actually responding. -- the pew charitable trust. in antrim, whether it's from the campaigns or the different parties, if you stayed home tonight, you would get on average five to 10 phone calls. it gets to the point where you shut off the ringer and don't even turn on your answering machine, because you could be on the phone all night with pollsters. lsters after this election will look at what went wrong and what went right, after this. it is science and they are very talented people. a lot of times they are very accurate. i will say that,
. this is early voting and now. 52% over obama 46% according to gallup. look at the numbers in 2008. if we could pull that up. a big difference. barack obama had 53% to john mccain's 43%. what does it tell you? for weeks we have been hearing the media paint a storyline while obama is ahead in early voting. now we know that isn't true. particularly in states like ohio, florida, ohio -- >> dana: nevada. >> andrea: same thing, nevada. ohio fewer dems voted in ohio compared to 2008. 30,000 more republicans have voted. if obama had that lead with mccain and long at 2008, but only led by three points with likely voters romney leads the likely voters by five points. he won bison overall. if you look at the same panorama, it's all over. >> bob: in reality, you talk about the final vote in 2008 versus a week left to go to vote. people who vote early. you have to separate absenteeism from early voting. two separate things. people who vote early are senior citizens and they normally do. >> andrea: who leads with senior citizens? mitt romney leads. >> bob: right. >> andrea: independent and women. 3-point tu
children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. we endure the wrath of sandy and areas to the north are a delusion of flooding and damage. it is causing big problems for everyone involved. >> pamela brown is monitoring rain, the wind, and the snow. >> the damage is widespread. an estimated 50 million people are getting a strong wind and snow in some areas. >> it collides with an early winter storm. a little bit of everything up the east coast. from choppy waves at punishing wind, it will eventually rein in connecticut, new jersey, new york. andhis is a serious storm have fataltentially consequences if people had not acted quickly. >> evacuation is no longer possible. this has become particularly problematic in atlantic city. >> grand central station empty. buildingcity, the collapsed leaving the apartment exposed. look at this dangling in the wind. this 260 miles above shows the sizescope of the massive magnitude. madee first half -- path today. >> record storm surge expected
is better for you. it's an honor to be your president... and i'm asking for your vote... so together, we can keep moving america forward. i'm barack obama and i approve this message. athat's what the plan georged allen supports... would cost our economy. newspapers called it "economically destructive." like allen's votes to give tax breaks to companies... that ship jobs overseas, his economic plan would... help big corporations, devastating the middle class. allen even voted against tax breaks for small businesses. virginia can't afford to go back to george allen. the democratic senatorial campaign committee... is responsible for the content of this advertising. look, the reason i'm in this race is there are people that are really hurting today in this country. and we face this deficit -- could crush the future generations. and republicans and democrats both love america but we need to have leadership -- leadership in washington that will actually bring people together and get the job done and could not care less if it's a republican or a democrat. i've done it before, i'll do it again. i'm
concerned about the debt our children will be left with. i voted for president obama last time, but we just can't afford four more years. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. . >>> election day only five days away. president obama back on the campaign trail. the first day since super storm sandy hit the east coast. tonight, he's out west. >> we pledge to help those with whose lives have been turned upside down. >> as his republican challenger mitt romney targets swing state, virginia. >> we'll get it! >> the countdown is on and we have you covered. you're watching the news edge you decide 2012, and it starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm brian bolter. back to business on the campaign trail after pull putting their swords away the last few days in the wake of super storm sandy, president obama and mitt romney back at it. we're going to start with today on the trail and tom fitzgerald. >> reporter: brian, it's been three days now since we have seen president obama in full campaign mode. mitt romney is restrained by mentioning the president by name. today, though, the
because the obama people told us early voting and ground game and voting offices was the sea. carl rove said if you look at absentee ballots it is favorable to mitt romney than obama and michael baron said mitt romney will win in a land slide. they tend to be in places for mccain and not for obama. it is hard for me to know what is going on. >> you and me both. one thing that was interesting when i listened to the president talking about early voting trend and talk up in ohio and the democratic camp is saying just to compensate for the early voting disadvantage mitt romney is out in ohio. i don't know how that extrap polate this out. he would have to get 59 percent to win the state on election day. how do you see ohio? >> i was in hamilton county, cincinnati and delaware county on monday. everywhere i went. it was enthusiasm for romney . feeling that hamilton county, cincinnati, won 28,000 votes for obama and 12 to 20,000 votes for mitt romney and if that happens you talk about a land slide. it is almost impossible for obama to suffer a 50,000 vote turn around in hamilton county and win
Search Results 150 to 199 of about 1,280 (some duplicates have been removed)